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                About Us

                As a professional construction machinery manufacturer and supplier, we offer most reliable products and excellent service to our customers. We have been in the industry for about 20 years and have been experiencing fast growth with the rapid development of Chinese economy. Our products are currently exported to America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America. With our extensive resources, commitment to quality and a dedication to customer satisfaction, we believe we can provide innovative answers for our customers around the world.


                The construction hoist is our leading product. ANKA provides the high quality and safety construction hoist with single cage and twin cage to the customers, the capacity of cage is from 1000kg,1200kg, 2000kg,2700kg,3200kg, and with direct motor driven and frequency conversion driven to reach the lower speed of 36 m/min, middle speed 0-63m/min and high speed 096m/min. And also provide the different dimension of cage to satisfy the special demand from the customers.


                We offer a broad range of product lines from Construction hoists, Tower cranes, Concrete pumps, Concrete placing boom, Suspension power work platform to Aerial work platform. We can also provide spare parts or stand alone components such as mast section, mechanism system etc.

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