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                ANKA comprised 20000 square meters of production and office space for the professional manufacturing and marketing of Construction hoist with ANKA, PANTA brand.
                ANKA provides the whole products with single cage and twin cage to the customers, the capacity of cage is from 1000kg, 1200kg, 2000kg, 2700kg, to 3200kg, and with direct motor driven and frequency conversion driven to reach the speed of 36 m/min, middle speed: 0-63m/min and high speed: 0-96m/min, the maximum height is up to 450 meters. And also provide the different dimension of cage to the customers depends on the special demand.
                Most electric components and the frequency converter are from Schneider. ANKA also provide the SEW motor and gearbox for our customer’s special demand.
                 With the advance facilities and skills, clean and environment-friendly workshop, ANKA manufactures the reliable, safe and high performance construction machinery and provide the high efficient vertical access solution for the global market.
                 With attractive design, comfortable driving experience, high-quality steel for increased the strength and weight reduction. With Floor auto-stop control box and provide the reliable hot-dip galvanized and painted mast section, fully meet the requirement of the working place. 
                Frequency controlled transmission can reduce the costs, increase the efficiency, and reach the smooth accelerating and exact stopping. More flexibility; More intelligent; Higher experience; It is the best choice for the high efficient vertical access.