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                ZLP series suspension powered platform for work at heights, is multipurpose and highly efficient construction machinery applicable to work at heights. It is a substitute of traditional scaffold used for exterior construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high rise building, and is also ideal for applications such as installation of elevators, the welding of seagoing ship in shipbuilding industry, cleaning of oil-based paint, big-size tanks and high chimneys, construction of reservoir dams, and inspection, cleaning and repair of bridges. Since it is laborsaving and can period, saving the cost and expenditures by 90% and enhance the labor productivity by 3 times.
                Special Working Platform
                Working platforms of varying configurations and made according to the dimensions of different buildings as well as the specific requirements proposed by the customers.
                The hoister, as the core of the suspension powered platform, perform such multi-functions as speed-reducing traction, parallel traction, lifting and hanging, etc.
                Type LTD100, LTD80, LTD63, LTD50, hoister can be configured depending on the different load conditions of the suspension platform.
                Safety Lock
                The safety lock automatically locks the safety cable at the set cable locking angle (4 degree) if the suspension powered platform tilts or the working cable brakes.