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                Hydraulic system
                The manifold hydraulic pump blocks are sourced from the Bosch Rexroth.
                The key hydraulic valve are sourced from the Bosch Rexroth.
                Overall hydraulic system is inspected strictly by German high precision instrument to insure high quality of the machine.
                Control system
                Mistsubishi’s programmable logic control(PLC) until that applied to the main control system keeps operating condition of the whole machine under monitoring. The application of PLC also simplifies the control system and notably strengthens its general reliability.
                Most of the electronic components are sourced from top brands such as Opto(America), Scheneider (France),Mitsubishi(Japan) and Omron(Japan) and etc.
                Mechanic system
                Hopper made of 16mm high strength manganese steel, in double arc structure features good absorption and lower accumulation and enhances liquidity and absorbability of concrete inside.
                S-tube is mounded in whole with high quality manganese steel, the fractioning surface is welded with wear-resistant material enduring high pressure and abrasion. The slick and non-accumulating interior design of the pipe helps prevent accumulation and make concrete flow smoothly.
                High wearing parts ‘cutting-ring’ and ‘glasses-plate’ are both made of antiwear  alloy to increase their economic life.
                The particular double-sealed structure design applied to the mixing system reinforces the sealing of the whole structure. High power motor guarantees effective and smooth concrete mixing even in extreme aggregates condition.